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Waste management ( Waste bins, Recycling bins, Wheelie bins )

In recent years our company S. CH. KOUKOULIDES & SONS LTD is active in the field of waste management with the construction and import of waste bins, recycling bins, wheelie bins of various sizes. Our products are of high quality and meet the standards EN-840, EN-840-5. We have plastic waste bins, Galvanized metal, Wheelie bins and recycling bins that can be used both for individual and commercial use.

120L Plastic Green
SK101 120L

240L Plastic Green Pedal
SK101 120L

120L Plastic Green
SK101 120L

240L Blue
SK102B 240L

240L Plastic Green
SK102 240L

1100L Plastic Blue
SK103B 1100L

1100L Plastic Green
SK103 1100L

1100L Plastic Green

1200L Plastic Green

1100L Galvanized Steel

Διαχειριση και διαθεση απορριμματων

The concept of waste management is not very foreign to us. In our daily lives, performing our day-to-day activities, we often make conscious choices regarding our waste management and disposal, using of waste bin, wheelie bin and recycle bin in both household and commercial settings.

Waste is unwanted material, either discarded after use or is of no use to a particular person. They're usually intended to be disposed of since they do not derive any utility for their owner.
Waste can come in different forms, from solid to liquid and even gas. In commercial or industrial settings, wastes could be leftover or generated during extraction, construction, manufacturing, or processing of materials into finished goods. For this article, we shall focus solely on solid wastes.

Waste management refers to the process involved in managing waste from the beginning to the end, i.e., collection to destroying or recycling. The tools involved including waste bin, wheelie bin and recycle bin. Some of the most common methods used in waste management are:
● Recycling
● Incineration
● Landfill sites

Waste Management is important because it ensures world cleanliness and hygiene. Proper waste management can help reduce environmental and health hazards while improving the general health of the populace.

Waste collection is the process of gathering waste materials from their source of production, like a household or commercial areas, and then transporting them to a collection site for recycling or destruction.

When waste is produced, various steps ensure it is handled well for an efficient waste management system. To achieve a proper waste handling process, you should go through the following:
● Waste identification
● Waste segregation
● Waste management

Before the waste management agencies or authorities come to collect waste, it is essential to know the best way to store the waste, either in household settings or commercial settings. Some of the steps involved are:
Different waste materials into different types:  Separate the waste according to the classifications aforementioned. You should also check if you have hazardous wastes and take safety measures in storing those.
Storing waste: Waste should be stored in areas where a leak or spill can be avoided. The best materials for storing waste are waste bins, recycling bins, and wheelie bins. See above our product gallery for various waste bins to suit your waste storage needs.

Wheelie bins: A waste bin is a small container to collect waste, also known as a dustbin or a trash can. It is usually made from metal or plastic.
Recycling bins: A recycling bin is a container used to hold recyclable items till they are collected and moved to recycle centers.
Τροχήλατοι κάδοι: A wheelie bin is a large waste bin with a lid and wheels for easy movement and transportation.

Waste management is a straightforward process, and it is necessary to store and manage waste effectively in our little household or commercial capacity. S.CH.KOUKOULIDES & SON LTD is a company with vast experience in waste management with a wide range of products like waste bins, recycling bins, and wheelie bins in different sizes making your waste storage and management activities easier. The products offered are high-quality products meeting quality standards like EN-840 and EN-840-5.