Few words about our Company

In 1946, at a young age, the anxious and pioneer Savvas Koukkoulidis, seeing the need to transport people and products to the rural society of Cyprus, decided to create a small handicraft for the construction of rural bus bodies. Also on these buses together with the passengers they could carry various agricultural products and sometimes domestic animals. Thus, with the specific specifications, he started to build small buses of 22-28 passengers that would be able to transport agricultural products as well. His aim was to reduce the distances in the transport of people and products.

Our company S. CH. KOUKOULIDES & SONS LTD is active in the field of construction and maintenance of tourist and passenger bus bodies and is based in Nicosia.

For the last 75 years our company has managed to develop and grow in the field of special constructions, through the design of new products, collaborations with leading partners and recognized companies in the field from Cyprus and abroad. Our primary goal is to serve our customers but also to create a climate of trust and cooperation with them. Through continuous investments in facilities, equipment and human resources, our company has managed to have a continuous and successful presence in the field with high quality products and services. Our many years of experience, the consistency of our executives and our good organisation are the guarantee for the services we offer to our customers.

Finally, in recent years our company is active in the field of waste management with the import and construction of waste bins and environmental machinery. Waste Bin | Wheelie Bin | Recycle Bin ) and environmental machinery.

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The first buses
The first buses